Returned tweets from search API retweet status always false



I’ve looked through the forums and I can’t seem to solve this problem:

I’m searching for tweets that contain word "homelessness"using the authentication method, so I’m assuming the twitter API knows that I’m searching from my sign credential’s perspective. I have retweeted some of those tweets and they show up in my timeline BUT the primary object retweet flag is still false. The retweet flag should be true for those tweets that I have already retweeted and they are showing on my timeline, is that correct? Am I missing something?

I’m sorry if this was already answered but I couldn’t find it anything in the forums that addressed this specific issue.



Hi itat2014,

Have you found any solution to listed problem yet?


These “perspectival attributes” aren’t currently supported on the /1.1/search/tweets endpoint. I’ve just updated the documentation to make this clear.