Retrieving URL Tweet counts on the backend



I will like to develope a PHP component to store on a table on the server my site URL tweet counts, and then making my own tweet buttons.

I don´t like so much the javascript calls on the front end, so i thought that i could be a good idea getting the URL counts on the back, and storing them (with a cache, obiously not doing a call every time the page is loaded, for example every hour).

i have read on the forum that this methods are not allowed, but i dont know why.
The post was so old so i would like to ask if nowadays this method is ok.

And if it’s ok, what is the rate or max request?

The last question, which of those two URL’s is the better one?[URL_IN_REQUEST]&callback=[YOUR_CALLBACK][URL_IN_REQUEST]&callback=[YOUR_CALLBACK]

Thanks a lot!
Ciro Artigot ( @CiroArtigot )


Neither of those URLs should be used as neither of them are part of our public and supported API. That’s why there is no rate limit documented.


Hello Andy!
First of all thanks for the quick reply!

Sorry, but when you say “neither should be used” you mean they are prohibited, or not recommended, or without support or warranty?
I mean, if i use them i’m doing some ilegal use? :smile:
Or can I use them but is my responsibility if they stop working?

You know, i don´t want to do things that are “not allowed” of course, but i think that it could be a great thing to do that.

Many, many thanks Andy!


Not supported, not documented, and usage of them may lead to IPs being blocked by our systems. Sorry!

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OK Andy i understand.
I think that in the future it could be a good think to add to the API, but i’m sure you know that :smile:
Thanks for all.


Sorry Andy, one more question if it is possible…
If the method is not supported, why exists? :grin:


Hello, what is alternative solution to get share count for this kind of requirement. I am seeing similar issue. Our server IPs are being blocked while using this API.

Any help will be great.



Replied on the other thread.