Retrieving the oldest tweet on specific hashtag!


Hi there
I want to get only the first or oldest tweet in a specific hashtag, any ideas?



Not really no - the search endpoint is only a 7 day history. If you wanted to do this comprehensively you would need to use a Gnip (commercial Twitter) API.


Appreciate your response!

If it is a new hashtag which started less than a week, how can I detect the first tweet?


The current values for search result_type parameter are:
For that, I think the only way to know the first tweet on new hashtag is to retrieve all its tweets and sorting them by date!
Also, it is expected to have difficultly with the API rate limit.

However, I think it will be great if a new value “first” will be added to the result_type parameter of the GET API.

Moreover, it will be so interesting for Twitter normal users if some tag attached with any hashtag in order to enable the user to know directly who initiate this hashtag.

I appreciate any comments regarding my suggestions…


Any Comment?


Yes, good suggestion but I don’t think this is something that is likely to be implemented in the API any time soon.