Retrieving the next x amount of tweets from the given since id



I need to retrieve the next 100 tweets with given hashtag after the specified since_id in the query. But as per my understanding of the twitter API, it will return the latest 100 tweets from the given since id if more than 100 tweets are available with the given hashtag. So i will be missing out few tweets in between in this case. I understand there is a max id parameter which can be used to limit the range, but how do i know the about the id of the 100th tweet with the given hashtag from the since id? If i specify a random since_id+1000 to the max_id, i’m not sure if i will miss out any tweets i need. (say 105 tweets i need are there in the next 1000 tweets??? if it is less than 100, then i should be fine, but if it is more than 100, i will miss the excess amount). Are there any better ways to do this other than specifying a random increment to since_id as max_id?



If woud be there is just got a work online…thanks…