Retrieving older than 30 days Direct Messages (direct_messages/events/list)



Hello Twitter Community,

Referring to the new endpoint for retrieving direct messages GET direct_messages/events/list, which going to be the only way of retreiving past direct messages on June 19. 2018 after deprecating totally GET direct_messages.

The documentation describes the endpoint as it’s…

Returns all Direct Message events (both sent and received) within the last 30 days. Sorted in reverse-chronological order.

Is it possible in anyway to retrieve older than 30 days direct messages?

Is this the responsibility of this endpoint only, there is no other endpoint that can make this possible?

The Migration Guide doesn’t mention this possibility. The Webhook live retrieving isn’t relevant since we are looking for the older DMs not the recent ones only. Also the cursor pagination isn’t relevant, since the last page can only be within the past 30 days, it wouldn’t return the next_cursor in the last page.


No, there’s no way to get messages older than the 30 day window. Note that the previous version of the Direct Message API did not even enable this volume of history, as it only allowed a certain number of Direct Messages to be retrieved, not a dated window. Unfortunately there are no plans to extend this window at the moment.