Retrieving campaign information


Hey, I am fairly new to using the twitter api and having some trouble. I am trying to gather as much information about a campaign as I can. I am able to access the majority of it from reading over the API, such as impressions etc. I am using the twitter campaign view on twitter itself ( etc) there is a few sections on your site that I can’t find in the API, such as Demographics - impressions for male and female, and platforms - impressions for each platform, then If IOS is selected, the breakdown for impressions on each device. Is all this information on the API, and if so could someone point me in the right direction please?
thanks, Joseph


Hi there,

Have you taken a look at our Metrics and Segmentation page in the docs? You can request metrics segmented by the criteria you’re asking for, such as gender or platform.


Hi @hwz,

A quick question about the LANGUAGE segmentation stated on that page. I can’t seem to retrieve data segmented by Language from any of the endpoints. Every time I try I get the error: INVALID_PARAMETER “Expected valid segmentation type, got “LANGUAGE” for segmentation_type”

Any ideas perhaps?



@Tianape try using LANGUAGES (plural) - thanks for spotting this, that’s a bug in our docs. I will get that sorted :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks @andrs! :smiley:


Hey hwz,
Yeah had a look over it, thanks. Am I right in saying I can only use 1 segment type at a time? for example if I wanted to get all impressions on IOS devices, id have to segment to get platforms, then segment to get IOS?


Yes, that’s correct. Currently, the API only allows for segmentation by one type at a time.


Another quick question, this time about the metrics. On the the Derived Metrics page you say promotion_card_responses are necessary for the derived metric leads but that metric is deprecated and has recently been removed from the Metrics and Segmentation page.

Could you tell me how I can get leads now, without that metric?



Thanks for pointing out that outdated documentation! We’ll be sure to update that.

Since leads are what constitute engagements on a lead gen card, and a card is always associated with promoted tweet(s), you can get the number of leads on the promoted tweet stats endpoint by explicitly requesting the following card engagement metrics for the promoted tweet(s) that the card is associated with:

  • promoted_tweet_timeline_card_engagements
  • promoted_tweet_search_card_engagements
  • promoted_tweet_profile_card_engagements


Awesome, thanks @hwz!


Hey @hwz,
I am having a bit of trouble, I’m looking for spend and budget information for a campaign, such as daily spend. Is there a call I am missing or how can I obtain this information?