Retrieving account-level organic analytics




As the title says, is there a way to retrieve account-level organic analytics? What I mean with “account-level” is basically “total” analytics, with granularity DAY, as you can see them in the twitter dashboard graphics.

I’ve been trying in different ways, all of which fail for a reason or another. I tried gathering the tweet-level analytics and then aggregating them (simply doing a sum), but that doesn’t work as the final values end up being off but even several thousands of units per day (often several thousands below what’s possible to see in the dashboard, but also sometimes above that). I also tried querying the “ENGAGEMENT” metrics for the “ACCOUNT” segment, but that simply doesn’t return anything.

Am I missing something, or is it just not possible to obtain those stats?

I’m mainly interested in engagement analytics (impressions, engagement, etc.). Also, I’m pretty much okay if the values don’t match exactly those from the dashboard, an error of +/- 100 (over tens of thousands of impressions) per day is acceptable to me.


Thanks for the question, @oalbe.

There isn’t a way to do this. We don’t offer organic metric groups. While the ORGANIC_TWEET entity does exist, our analytics endpoints are geared toward ads-based analytics.

In general, your approach sounds correct. However, you’ll have to consider date ranges and have all of the Tweet IDs at your disposal. This might help you.


Hey @juanshishido, thank you for the clarification and your prompt response!

I’ll try what’s in the link you posted, but from a first look, it doesn’t seem it might actually improve the accuracy of my aggregated stats since the accounts are pretty high volume and I doubt I’d be able to retrieve all the Tweet IDs. You pretty much confirmed my suspicions.


Glad to help out.

+ @andypiper and @happycamper, who may have some more insight on retrieving organic analytics.


Thanks @juanshishido

Programmatically retrieving organic engagements & impressions is only available at the enterprise level with our Engagement API