Retrieve tweets sent from mobile


I’m working with an app for Twitter, and I want to know if a certain tweet has been sent from mobile or not. Is there a way to retrieve that from JSON data when you call REST API v1.1? I know that you can know if a tweet has been sent from web or a client app with this part of a JSON data:

[source] => web


Yes, each Tweet object will contain a “source” field indicating the application used for the request – it’s not such a clear divide between web and mobile though – there’s basically web and then there’s other applications – including “Twitter for iPhone” and “Twitter for Android” and so on.


Ok thanks. So is that the only way to know if a user has tweeted through mobile or not? Will it be possible to know in the future with some specific field like “mobile” or “ismobile”?


Is there a list of applications like “Twitter for iPhone” or “Twitter for Android” that they can be retrieved from source field? At least the ones that are from Twitter official clients. And another question, when in source appears something like “Mobile web (M5)”, “Mobile web (M2)” or “Mobile web (M3)”, what does M5, M3 or M3 stand for?