Retrieve Tweet archive, reverse order, include conversations and user icons


This probably is easier than it looks, but I am not a developer and have looked through every layman’s idea I could come up with.

I found the ARCHIVE download, and assume it is an alteration of that.

So I’d like to pull something along those lines, in chronological order oldest on top so it reads like a book/ticker – include the user’s conversations with others, and also the icons of those other users.

The end goal is a printable – and/or enhanced Kindle/Nook compatible document — that follows an account over a period of time.

What I’d like to try to do is create a narrative, like a game narrative, over 3-4-12 months, and watch the “character” evolve and see what they think.

Kind of like if Hal 9000 was live-tweeting his moves to control his ship environment and keep Dave from stopping him. Or how Skynet arrived at the decision to launch and then construct the HKs and Schwarz-bots.

Can this be done? I’d like to know before I start, thanks very much.



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