Retrieve between two users tweet conversation using REST API?



Is possible to retrieve me and my friend tweet conversation using REST API? If it is possible kindly help me?


There is currently no public API method to get “Conversations”, but you can get the reply chain using the Tweet’s in_reply_to_status_id and in_reply_to_screen_name or in_reply_to_user_id values.


In Android there are 2 different APIs for direct messages, one for messages sent to user and another one for messages sent by user. I think We can compare time and reply to and from to make one chain of conversation.

I would like to know how you make conversation for you.I am trying to implement above solution. Which may not work!


Just to clarify, are you referring to Tweets or Direct messages conversation? For Direct Messages, as @Shvet mentioned, you can just fetch the recent sent and received DMs and correlate them. (The conversation DMs with multiple users are not yet present in the public DM API, so you can just make a conversation for each individual user present in the DMs and filter the DMs according to sender/recipient and sort them chronologically)


I did some work and finally get full conversation between user and me. I just get all incoming message first and after that i get all sent message. i compared my user id as a receiver and my friends user id as a sender and got conversation. After that i just need to check time for which message was first and which one was after that one.


Yes, that was what I meant.