Retreiving Tweets in search API


Good morning,

I am retreiving Tweets from the Stream API, but there are certainly time periods where I need more detailed info. Because of that, I am using the search API using the parámeters max_id and since_id to get the Tweets between 2 concrete Tweets. My query ends up being something like this:

  count: 100,
  max_id: '438961021785759743',
  since_id: '438928113133559800',
  q: '#MWC14 OR geocode:41.38030811235739,2.1569338989257812,10km' 

Once I receive the answer, I store the data and filter the “search_metadata” field in order to obtain the next max_id value, and then execute the same query again with the next max_id value. This works pretty well, but there’s a point where Twitter doesn’t populate the field “next_results” anymore and the max_id value keeps repeiting itself, and this point happens randomly in every execution and it’s always far away from the end point that I want (which is the tweet contained in since_id).

Is there a reason why the answers give no “next_results” property? Am I hitting the rate limit maybe?

Thank you,