Retiring old (v1) Streaming API endpoints on March 31st, 2016



Back in 2013, we announced the retirement of v1 of the Twitter API families, both REST and Streaming.

At the time, we noted that:

“Requests to Streaming API paths with versions other than “1.1” (such as are deprecated — but will not be retired at this phase. We strongly recommend you move to 1.1-era Streaming API paths now.”
The time has now come to remove the small number of remaining pre-v1.1 Streaming endpoints. This will enable us to continue to optimize our infrastructure, and to better support the large number of developers using the Twitter platform.

If you have already migrated to the v1.1 APIs, this change will not affect you and no code updates are needed. However, if your code uses any of the following endpoints or URL formats to connect to the Twitter API, please be aware that you should be using the current stable streaming endpoints instead.

Public Streams:

  • Deprecated: /1/statuses/filter.json, /1/statuses/sample.json
  • Use instead: /1.1/statuses/filter.json, /1.1/statuses/sample.json

User Streams:

  • Deprecated: /2/user.json
  • Use instead: /1.1/user.json

Site Streams (remains a closed beta):

  • Deprecated: /2b/site.json, /2b/site/c/*
  • Use instead: /1.1/site.json, /1.1/site/c/*

You should also note that the v1.1 Streaming API endpoints all require authentication via OAuth.

We’re always ready to hear your input. If you have technical questions, feel free to ask in the Streaming API forum, or reach us @TwitterDev. Thanks!

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