Retirement of Cards analytics and dashboard



Over time, we’ve continued to refine, streamline, and focus the experience around implementing Twitter Cards for your websites.

During December, we began to retire data relating to Cards from from the engagement dashboard. Over time, the dashboard had not tracked the other aspects of the streamlining of Cards, such as the earlier simplification of Card types.

What is the impact?
Previously, when visiting the Twitter Analytics site, impression and reach metrics were visualised via a number of charts. These are no longer displayed as part of the Analytics dashboard. The other metrics available via the dashboard are not affected by this change.

The Ads API card_engagements metric is not affected by the retirement of this visualisation, and will continue to be populated on relevant API responses.

Documentation will be updated shortly to reflect these changes

Feel free to contact us via the Cards forum with questions or concerns you may have regarding this update.

Twitter Cards are working except for lack of analytics
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