Resuts with only zero in the statistics report



We have an issue related to the stats results of the twitter API comparing to the results in the Twitter Ads UI.

The scenario is the following:

When asking in the UI for statistics of some given ad group, we get many records of promoted tweets with metrics which are all 0 (see example of those records in the attached pic)

When asking the same report in the Twitter Asynchronous API, any records with no results will have null in the metrics and not 0s (zeros). (in the API we ask for all promoted tweets in this given ad group, in chunks of 20 per API request).

The question is how can we know which records from the API results are the ones which are also being resulted in the UI? Since in the API, any records that don’t have results in their metrics do have only nulls.
When excluding from the results all the records with only nulls in their metrics, the results of the API are missing all of those results with zeros in the UI.

Thanks a lot in advance,


@NoyAviv: Thanks for the question.

It sounds like you are interested in understanding why shows 0s while the Ads API, for the same entities, shows null values. Is that right?

Through the API, we use null values in analytics responses to represent no data. E.g., no impressions, engagements, spend, etc. chooses to represent this as 0s.

Please let us know if this answered your question. If you have follow ups, please let us know.

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