Result comparison between - Streaming and Searching API?



I would like to know the difference between streaming API and searching API results,in terms of results produced.
In my case,
I have been running Streaming API to collect real time tweets for a keyword - Lionel Messi , for the last few weeks.It worked and collected tweets.
Also now I did a script using Search API to get tweets based on query Lionel Messi .
I can see a large variation between the results once it is compared. Can someone please explain why this happens.


Search is optimised for relevance, and will not contain every tweet containing “Lionel Messi” - also the Search API and Search in Web are different systems, and may show different results (Search API is limited to last ~7 Days)

Stream will attempt to match tweets as they are created, and send you everything that matches a filter (with a ratelimit of 1% of the total number of all tweets)

Hope that helps clear things up!


So we can’t compare the results obtained from Searching API, Streaming API and Search in Web . right?
Thanks for the info.


Yep, that’s correct - they’re 3 different things. A filter stream should get you most tweets that match your query - have a look at - that’s what it tries to match:

…the text attribute of the Tweet, expanded_url and display_url for links and media, text for hashtags, and screen_name for user mentions are checked for matches.