Restrictions of using Social framework for a Twitter app on iOS?


I’m looking into making a new app which integrates heavily with Twitter, and I’m trying to find out if the Accounts and Social framework is capable of that.

It’s worked in the past for basic calls, but it’s not stated anywhere what its limits are - can it be used for a full-blown Twitter app?

Integrating with Twitter manually, I know involves asking the user to sign in, and means a cap of 100k tokens. Are there any caveats of using the Social framework instead?


The Social framework has the same rate limits as the public REST API.

We also offer Twitter Kit as part of Fabric, which provides app-only, user and guest authentication options.

The number of tokens / token cap is only relevant if you are making an app that replicates Twitter’s core user experience. The cap does not apply to other use cases.


Is the 100k tokens cap applied if the app uses the Accounts/Social framework?


The 100k token cap is only applied to apps that replicate Twitter’s core user experience. It is not relevant whether that is done via the raw API, the Social framework, or Fabric.

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