Restriction of Write Permissions



My app use Twitter API to allow user can share image and text.
Firstly, I have to call /media/upload to upload an image. Then, I called statuses/update to update Tweet with text, hashtag and location.
User don’t need to type a text (they can add more text if they want), we make a hard text with more hashtag. So many user of my app use the default text to share.
My app was restricted of write permission.
Please help me to find out where is restricted in my app, I will fix it to make the app able to run.
Thank you!


If your app has been restricted, you should use the Platform Support forms to request further information. We’re unable to help with individual app issues like this via the forums.


I have used this form. My app is active now.
This email just warning me. Can I have exactly reason why my app was restricted?
Thank you for your replied!


Take a look at the Automation Rules - I’m not sure what caused your app to be restricted, but automation issues are most commonly one of the reasons for this to occur.


I got it. Thank you so much for your quick reply!