Restriction of Write Permissions



Recently the Application was flagged for Write permissions over the use of Mentions through our Application.

Is there any limit to how much @mentions that can go in an hour or any time frame?

Also, have submitted all the details of the Dev Relationships but have not got any reply for 3 days. Is there anyone I can contact to get this sorted?


It’s not so much the number of mentions you can send as it is if they’re based on a solid connection. The problem is mentioning people completely unprompted and/or clear automation like sending the same message to every person that follows you.

Unfortunately you’re going to have to just wait for them to respond, they definetely will.


@DanielCHood okay. We do not have any automation on our platform. Hoping they will share more information about the restriction in detail so that we can make sure it does not happen.

Hoping to get a reply soon.