Restricted to API read access only



i have twitter aap on twitter developer account . i am getting error to access it says “Restricted to API read access only”.How to change it.
in permission is showing me Read write Permission but on app its showing me “Restricted to API read access only”


Hi @zahidbhatti8. Where are you seeing the error message, and what are you doing to trigger the message? Are you running an API call and seeing this? Could you share the request you’re trying to make?



Hello @hmz it Showing in my App on Twitter

Actually i am posting Video on Twitter using this APP it was not giving me any all three Steps (INIT,APPEND,Finalize)but Video is not Posting any Where so I Check my App on Twitter Developer and it give me this Error.


Thanks for the screenshot. Did you try changing your permissions on this page? You’ll need to click the permissions tab, then edit.

Please see the screenshot:


@hmz Yes I did But it Already show me Read and write option selected.


you can report to this channel

i’ve report for last few day support help me to re-activate my app.
but it’s happen again with no reason today.


Please refer to this post: