Restricted from performing write actions



Was hoping you can help out in regards to our app. We recently got the “Restricted from performing write actions” in our app page. We have reached out to Twitter and haven’t heard anything, nor did we actually get an email from Twitter. Just the “Restricted from performing write actions” showed up in our dashboard. Nothing has really changed in our code so it’s confusing.

Please help, as we would like to get this resolved asap.


Per the pinned post - please visit the platform support page to seek assistance as we’re unable to comment on individual application cases on the developer forums. You should ensure that your email address for the account the app is registered to is up-to-date, and that you respond to any automated responses as directed in order to receive further assistance. It is also a good idea to ensure that you’ve thoroughly reviewed the automation rules and policy.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for replying. I have watching and waiting. We have reviewed all the policies within Twitter for Developers, end users and automation. Our app was developed around those specs. That’s why it leaves us confused, with no insight at all as to what happened. Twitter hasn’t sent any sort of email to help us address the issue. We are just looking to figure out what the issue is and correct it asap for Twitter and our user base.

Could we at least get an email from Twitter as to why?


Please use the form as requested. Thanks.


We have submitted the details on the form. :slight_smile:


We really need some way of finding out with the issue is with the app so we can correct it. We have gone over everything in Twitter’s policies about developers, automation, end user’s rate limits, etc. From what we’ve read and compared to our app, we are not quite sure why the write permissions are restricted.

Is it possible to send an email to and see if someone will respond to help us come to a resolve? If the app is “broke” in Twitter’s eyes, we can’f fix it until we know what’s broke.

Hopefully we can get someone to respond to help guide us with this. Again, we want to be pro-active about correcting any issues that Twitter sees.


Appreciate your willingness to work within the platform rules - and your patience and understanding while the platform support team are working to get to the case you’ve submitted. Please bear in mind that there are many thousands of apps on the platform and our support queues and response times may vary. There’s no email route for additional support for the standard Twitter APIs.

Thank you.


Andy - thanks for the reply. Is it normal to not receive an automated email from Twitter when this happens? I thought there was an email that gets sent when the restriction happens. We are just left completely clueless with this and have no idea as to what happened other than it’s write restricted. Or is that to be sent once someone from Twitter looks at the ticket?


There are a variety of automated systems that act to protect users on the platform from unwanted behaviours, gaming of trending topics, abuse and many other factors. Many of these work via machine learning and do not always proactively alert the application developer; moreover, it is difficult to directly describe the parameters that may trigger action to be taken, because then it could then just become an “arms race” with the bad guys who better understand the algorithms.

We apologise if you’re caught in one of these situations for some reason, but if you’re willing to work with us via the platform support process we will do what we can to inform and support you back into compliance (assuming that this is the case here - I do not have additional insight, as specific identifying data is not broadly available, and only handled by a team with the relevant information).

Thanks again.


Thanks for the response. I can understand the different filters put in place to help keep some of the unwanted activity from the platform, and even appreciate them. We work with a small (less than 500) group of bloggers and VAs who actively share their content. We don’t want people using our system to do anything that jeopardizes their Twitter account or even the app itself.

We are completely willing to work with Twitter to get this back up and running. We just need to know what caused the issue so we can fix it. Without that we are stuck and our user base would like answers that we can’t provide at the moment.

We just hoped that we would have gotten some sort of email or something that said: “Your app did x, y, z, and therefore it’s been restricted.” so we can have a clue as to why.

We want to be very pro-active to resolve the matter for us, our users and for Twitter so it doesn’t happen again.


One thing to check if you are looking for a response from platform support - if you do not respond to an initial automated response (per the language in the email), then your ticket may not reach the active queue. Equally, if the email address associated with your application account is not accurate, or spam filters move responses out of your inbox, then you may miss these notices.

Going to close this thread out as this is not something than can be resolved in these forums. Thank you.