Restoring an app name


I would like to ask for help concerning renaming my app.

About 5 months ago my company started developing a website and registered Twitter app for being able to register/sign in via it. This app was called name1.
As we moved to production, we created another app, which is called name2. We also left the old one (name1) for staging purposes.

Unfortunately at some point in releasing process we decided it would be a good idea to delete the staging app and rename the production app from name2 to name1. So we deleted the name1 app but to our frustration we could not rename the production app, the error said that the name has already been taken.

I consulted the Twitter Help docs and found out that the Twitter account name can be re-used after 30 days of its deletion. I figured this could apply to app names too. So we waited more than 30 days - but the error still persists - it still says the name name1 has already been taken.

Could you help me in this matter? What do we have to do in order to rename our app?
Our client owns the domain for name1, so if there must be some form of verification please let me know.

Thanks in advance!


Moving to Rules & Policies topic.

We cannot help with these kinds of queries on these forums, and cannot comment on individual app issues for privacy reasons. Please raise a ticket via the platform support forms instead. Thanks!

NB the only place an app name appears in the UI is in the OAuth dialog when a user authenticates via sign-in with Twitter, so usually this is not a major issue.