Rest API version 1.1


I am working with an organization that developed an App that call some JSON that is bundled with API version 1.1 and it has stopped working. Is there any reason why this would suddenly happening? If the version changed would 1.1 still be avaiable? Thanks, I am a Twitter Newb


Really difficult to help here without knowing more about what the app is doing and which endpoints it is calling. Are you able to share more detail? What has “stopped working” - are there any error codes returned?


No error codes - it just used to feed in the accounts Xpressville was following for a list of certain hashtags using TwitterAPIExchange.php and it just stopped feeding in the Tweets. We have a MySQL database receiving all tweets for those hashtags which has been verified real-time but the filtering has stopped.


Again, there’s not really enough information here to be able to help to diagnose the problem.


I can share all details in some other forum. Is there anyway I can send files or show you code?


You’re welcome to share the code here.


This is the widget function -

function widget($args, $instance) {
	$hashmap = array(
		'arts' => array('avlart', 'avlent'),
		'beer' => array('avlbeer'),
		'business' => array('avlbiz'),
		'craft' => array('avlcraft'),
		'environment' => array('avlenv'),
		'food' => array('avleat'),
		'humor' => array('avllol'),
		'literature' => array('avlbook', 'avlread', 'avlwrite'),
		'local-government' => array('avlgov'),
		'music' => array('avlmusic'),
		'news' => array('avlnews'),
		'outdoors' => array('avlout'),
		'politics-elections' => array('avlpol', 'avlelect'),
		'sustainability' => array('avlenv'),
		'wellness' => array('avlhealth'),

	if (is_home()) {
		$hashtags = "";
		$hashtags_list = "All hashtags";
	} else if (is_category()) {
		$cat = get_queried_object();
		$slug = $cat->slug;
		if (isset($hashmap[$slug])) {
			$hashtags = implode(",", $hashmap[$slug]);
			$hashtags_list = "#". implode(", #", $hashmap[$slug]);
	if (isset($hashtags)) {
		echo $before_widget;
		echo $before_title . $instance['title'] . $after_title;
		echo "<div id='micronews' data-hashtags='". $hashtags ."' data-show='". $instance['show'] ."'><div class='positive'></div></div>\n";


<?= $hashtags_list; ?>

All-day #Avl Coverage
<?php echo $after_widget; wp_enqueue_script( 'mx-micronews-script', plugins_url('js/micronews.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '1.0', true ); wp_enqueue_script( 'mx-micronews-timeago', plugins_url('js/jquery.timeago.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '1.4.1', true ); } } } function mxnr_widgets_init() { register_widget('mxnr_micronews'); } add_action('widgets_init', 'mxnr_widgets_init'); ?>


Interestingly there is a database that is receiving all Tweets for certain hashtags but the key part is the filtering and displaying of filtered Tweets and that is what is not happening - As I said the database is receiving Tweets real-time.


Don’t post oauth_access_token_secret, and consumer_secret, they should remain private on your server. You will want to reset your consumer key at

You say that the tweets are getting collected and stored in your database which sounds like it’s not an issue with the Twitter API or your implementation of the Twitter API. You will have to debug your javascript and find out what’s wrong.


Thanks for blanking those Tokens, Doh. So if the database is receiving tweets, then the connection to Twitter is good and API functions correct?


Yes, it doesn’t sound like anything is wrong with your Twitter API connection.


OK so oauth_access_token_secret etc. regenerated…