REST API unable to make tweet favourite


Hi ,

I am using REST API 1.1 for my application. I am trying to make tweet as favorite, but I am getting 404 not found error. I am calling{tweetId} URL to make it favorite. Even I try it from twitter console ( but I am getting same result. Is there anything I am missing?



It works for me; this is what I get:

Does your request in the API Console look like this? A 404 error indicates that the tweet you identify by the ID doesn’t exist. What ID are you using?


Hi isaach,

Thanks for reply. It’s working now :smile: The problem what when I do status update I am getting “id” : “123” and “id_str” :“456”. So previously I was using “id” attributes. when but when I tried with “id_str” it works.

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