REST API support for Impressions data?


It’s awesome to see information on post impressions added on the Analytics dashboard. Can we expect this organic impression and click data to be available via the REST API at some point? If so, any timelines?


Any news or information about this? It would be very interesting to be able to get the engagement and impression ratest via API!


No news to share on this at the moment but this is something that is being looked at.


Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply. It would be extremely nice and useful!

BTW. We have been arguing if the Impression count per tweet on is the simply the number of potential views (number of account feeds and lists tweet appears on), calculated from the real views/loads of the tweet or even the number of times the tweet has been on the screen. Dependin on social media platform there seems to be multiple ways to calculate “imrpessions”. Can you clarify what is the case with Twitter impressions?


Any update on this? When will impressions be available in the API?


There’s nothing to share on this right now I’m afraid - it is still in the “being looked at” category, we’re aware of the interest, but there’s no date or definitive information to report.

We announce new API features here on the forums and via @twitterapi so the best thing would be to keep an eye on those in case this changes in the future.


Thanks for the update, so is there any way to get impressions via an API or programmatically? If not, I would be willing to help contribute development time to make this happen.


Any update on this? We’d love to be able to access twitter analytics programatically.


No update yet. Stay tuned!


Is there any news on this feature yet? Would be really useful to be able to access the impressions.


I’m afraid this is not something that we are currently prioritising, so nothing to share at this time.


Any updates about this? It’ll be great to have this information available.


Nothing to share on any changes here, sorry.


why is this not a priority? looking at just favorites and tweets doesn’t paint a real picture of engagement without knowing the size of the number of people who have interacted with it. the data is available - just not accessible through the API.


I want to add a voice of support for this. The business case (or at least the one I’m interested in) would allow people to better tune their tweets to improve social engagement. Right now, if you want to monitor the click through of links, you end up having to insert a link shortener between and your destination (because of the many tweet-to-one page data model you create if you tweet the same link more than once).

But wrapping a link in a shortener potentially obscures the destination and therefore creates friction for the user. A user has every reason to hesitate when they see the URL expanded in the Tweet is, or whatever, instead of the ultimate link. And so the overall Twitter experience for users would be improved if we could drop the intermediate shorteners we need to have now to capture statistics.

I hope that helps get this valuable addition to the API prioritized!


+1 for this. I want to be able to see the effectiveness of my tweets outside of the twitter interface.


@andypiper: is there any update on this now? Today’s Twitter Engineering blog post mentions that “[Twitter are] providing programmatic access to impression and engagements data for the first time”. Is that only for Sprout Social or will this be opened up in the API?


Hey @alexconlin, thanks for checking in.

Actually this isn’t limited to Sprout or Oracle, but it is a feature currently only available to a few select customers as a pilot. If you’re interested in how to get pilot access to that data you can see follow-up contact information at the end of that blog post.

I’m not aware of any plans to add this to the public API at present, but if that changes then we’ll certainly be updating the community here.


Hello, is there is any update according how to access “tweet Impressions” via REST api?
Thanks in advance.


Hey any updates on this , I want to implement this feature on my website through REST Api, please let me know if there is a way to get impressions data of tweet

Obtaining specific data of a tweet