REST API stopped providing data for new tweets


Our app which allows to post tweets and collects retweets, replies was working till recently(may be before 2 months). Now it is posting to the authorized user page without issues, but stopped collecting data.

When issuing query as below, it returns only {“httpstatus”:200,“rate”:{“limit”:“60”,“remaining”:“58”,“reset”:“1428700467”}}.

We are using jublonet/codebird-php 2.4.1.

$cb = Codebird::getInstance();
$cb->setToken(oauth_token, oauth_token_secret);
$retweets = $cb->statuses_retweets_ID('id=' . $tw->post_id);
$retweets_json = json_decode(json_encode($retweets), true);
log::info('retweets ' .json_encode($retweets));

Also please note, it is collecting the information for the old tweets with full datasets. Why it is not happening to the new tweets? Please help.