Rest API Search Query does not show tweets anymore



on our website we show the latest 3 Tweets from a specific user using a specific hashtag. To realise this, we use the REST API v1.1 Search Query Interface. Unfortunately we noticed that after approximately one week, tweets do not seem to be indexed and do not appear in search results anymore.
So my question is: is there another way of getting older tweets from a user with a certain hashtag than by using the search query api? I know that the API documentation states that tweets are only indexed for search queries temporarily.

Thank you in Advance,

Jonas Mende


You’re right, search results don’t stay in the index very long. If there are tweets that you want from the past, it’s best to collect them in real time rather than relying on the Search API…

If you want to keep using the Search API, consider caching your results and using your cache instead, provided you also verify over time that the tweets still exist.

You may be better served using the user timeline API instead and just discarding the results that don’t match the hashtag you’re looking for.


Thanks a lot! We’re now using the Timeline API as you suggested, which is just what we were looking for. Thank you very much.