REST API - Search for top mentioned stocks



I was wondering if there is a way to search for top mentioned stocks. It doesn’t need to be real-time but it would be nice to be able to search the 100 top stocks mentioned on twitter and have the results return stock symbol and how many mentions.

Is that possible?


There’s nothing beyond what is possible using the trends and Search APIs along with e.g. stock ticker letters. Using the commercial Gnip API you could get counts etc but there’s no such function in the public API.



Thanks for the reply. How about the Twitter firehose API? Could it provide me with that kind of information?


You have three options in total:

  1. Use the REST API to search for up to 7 days of data, or retrieve trends.
  2. Use the Streaming API (1% of the firehose) to filter for the stock symbols you want, and do your own analysis.
  3. Use the Gnip API (which is built on the full Twitter firehose) to do the work, which would include counts and other enriched information.


I’m now looking at both options 1 & 3

Option 1: technically all I need is the top mentioned stocks for that day (or specifically at the moment I run the query) But reading through the documents about search and how you concatenate a search query, I’m unable to put together a search query that would grab the top mentioned stocks.

Option 3: I’m in contact with Gnip regarding a solution from their end. Though I have a feeling thus may be overkill for my use case. 1. Because my app is new and has a small user base. 2. Because what I’m trying to grab isn’t really realtime or complicated.

Let me know what you think. Thanks


Hey @andypiper, just a quick status update.

Option 3 is a no go. Gnip want a minimum of $3000/month to offer me any kind of service. Thats redicious, given the fact that its not even priced based on # of queries as per industry standard, just some magical number.

I’m still looking for any other options, any suggestions on the topic would be great. Would I be able to use the public Twitter API to atleast get the top mentioned stock symbols?