REST API > Reply to Tweet with mention > Bad display on Site



We use the REST API to integrate Tweets in our application and reply to it.
In a specific case, when we reply with to mentions, information displayed are not the same.

Text sent : @Kev_easi @quevain13, ceci est la réponse.

On the site, there is no “@quevain13” mention :

On the mobile WebSite and Mobile Application, there is “@quevain13” mention :

This does not happen when we reply directly from the WebSite.

Any idea ?

Thank you.



Is there someone ?

Thank you.


Are you able to provide a code sample or twurl command line demonstrating how you’re formatting these Tweets when you respond so that someone can attempt to reproduce?

Are you aware of the new-style auto_populate_reply_metadata parameter for replies?


Hello Andy,

Thank you for your feedback, I will look into the “auto_populate_reply_metadata” parameter and see if the “problem” is resolved.