REST API limits


i am fetching user status from external systems like below through REST API Call outs (GET) using below url

But i am not sure about limits,my question is
How many api calls are allowed from twitter per day? is there nay hour based limit ? is there any limit on number tweets retrived per day ?

very important to me , quick response really appreciate.

Thanks in advance !


See [node:10066] for documentation on rate limits. Each API method is rate limited separately from each other; most methods tend to allow either 15 requests per 15 minutes or 180 requests per 15 minutes.


Thanks for the qucik reply
is there any maximum number limit on the number requests for the day ?


As many as you reasonably need that would also fit within rate limits.



Before started a long development time, I want to be sure not to misuse trough REST API calls.

I would like that several of my users gets back tweets with a hashtag, during several hours. A process ( or thread ) will be created by users and every 5 seconds, every process fetches tweets (5 second, not to exceed the limit 180 per tokens).

For 4 hours long time, it makes 2’880 calls(appeals) for one process (4[h] * 60[min] * 60[s] / 5[s]). Let us imagine that there is 200 processes, there would be 576’000 calls (200[processes] * 2880[calls]) for 4 hours.

To decrease number of calls, the sleeping time can be increased. Is it reasonable and viable ?

Thanks in advance !


I assume that each of these is a thread using a different set of user OAuth tokens.

This approach sounds reasonable. You’ll hit an API limit fast if you are trying to call Twitter every 5 seconds on the search endpoint.

You should also code to handle 429 errors and adjust accordingly.


Thank you for you quick response.

Each thread using a different set of user OAuth tokens.

Then I conclude that I can make a great deal of calls as far as I don’t exceed the limit for each users OAuth tokens (180 per-user).