Rest API and Streaming API effectiveness (What provide more data?)



Hello All,

I have a question regarding the effectiveness of using one of another API in order to obtain the more data available.

I would like to crawl data using 2 filtering criteria: location and set of words. I can use both API endpoints, however, only the REST API allow and AND operation between the matching criterias. In summary:

REST API -> Location AND words
Streaming API -> Location OR words

Obviously, using the streaming API we will get data containing only location and only the words, in addition to tweets containing both.

Moreover, both API has rate limits, 1% of the sample for the Streaming API and 350 queries
every 15 min, or 3500 tweets per query for the REST API

My question is:

Which API will give me the more amount of tweets that contains both location and words?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi , I am also facing the same problem using pubic stream APIs. As you said stream gives only 1% of the total amount of data. Is there any way I can get the 100% data? Do we need to pay something to twitter to get that.


Yes for sure you can get 100% tweets with firehose but then you have to pay a lot of money…


hii…I also had same choice when I started collecting data, I chose keywords based query…and then filtering tweets based on location. For my purpose it worked well!!