Rest ApI Account Activity Failing - Whitelisting



My App ID is 15179090
I have requested for account activity access to leverage the direct message API to create a web hook and build an app around direct messages.
When executing a webhook URL creation, it is erroring out. I have applied and twitter has confirmed access to env-beta. is there a way to check and if needed, give me the access again?

When requested with my token settings , on invoking the URL

I see that error coming back is
“errors”: [
“code”: 200,
“message”: “Forbidden.”
x-connection-hash →f73b50b81141a212aecc0470eef1c3f2


During the beta period, we are only providing access to a single app.

Are you sure that we provided access to the app that you listed in this post? Could it have been provided to a different app?


You are right, i think i have requested access for an App which i deleted and recycled as i was continuously facing one issue or the other.
Would there be a chance to give access to this App only : 15179090
Appreciate your help in advancec


can twitter staff be able to help as the requesting for the feature is no longer available? does removing and adding apps , removes access to env-beta?


I don’t think there is any use case where deleting your app is recommended.
And deleting your app would very much get rid of your permissions.


can i request for beta access again? kindly help …


Unfortunately we’re unable to help you during the beta period, once this is over you should be able to get yourself set up again. Thanks for your patience.