REST API 1.0 whitelisted IPs on REST API 1.1


We have some IPs whitelisted for 20,000 API calls per hour with the 1.0 API.
When we issue 1.1 API calls with the whitelisted IPs, it shows our API quota is 350 (logged in with Oauth)

Can we have the whitelisted IPs ported over to 1.1 REST API ? What is the official policy on this issue ?
Since the endpoint for 1.0 will be shutdown in the near future .


IP address whitelisting doesn’t have any role to play in API v1.1 – all rate limits are per-method and per-user (350 per hour is no longer a rate limit in API v1.1, you’ll want to review [alias:/docs/rate-limiting/1.1/limits]).

Upgrading to 1.1 means taking the time to reexamine how you make API calls and refactor so that you stay within the limits provided instead. Blanket whitelisting is no longer available.


Thanks. How does this fit into the statement found here by @rsarver "We will continue to allow whitelisting privileges for previously approved applications; " found!topic/twitter-api-announce/Gs2VT4oE-oQ ?

I guess what we want to know is is there a way for us to leverage our 20000 API call when 1.0 end points are removed ?


That comment was in regards to API v1.

API v1.1 doesn’t have a rate limiting model where IP addresses are used as factor. There’s no way you’ll be able to leverage a whitelisted IP address in API v1.1.


Has anyone noticed that when creating a sample with the oauth tool, the “Signature base string” shows a URL with “/1.1/” in it, but the authorization header says “oauth version = ‘1.0’”?

So, which is it?
1.0 or 1.1?


oauth_version pertains to the version of OAuth being used, not the API version. In the case of OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 1.0A, you always put “1.0” in the oauth_version field.

The REST API itself has its version depicted as the first path element in a resource.