Responsive images need fixing


Twitter, you need to add this CSS to your widget stylesheets in order to keep the embedded images from getting chopped off by the scrollbar:

img.autosized-media {
width: 100%;
height: auto;


Thanks for the report! Could you provide more information please? Browser, widget type, url and anything else that can help us.


Really want to try this as a twitter card will work!


Sorry…here’s more info.

I created a Custom Timeline widget, put the code on a test page, and viewed it in the latest release of Chrome. Expanded images were enabled, and the horizontal oriented images in the timeline are getting cropped off on the right edge when you size the page width down for mobile. I manually set the stylesheet for the img.autosized-media class to width 100%, height AUTO, the images gracefully resize responsively without getting chopped.


seeing an issue that may be associated with this.

twitter embeds with images grow on orientation change