Response to PUT targeting criteria is missing the total_count


I want to report a problem with the PUT method for adding a targeting criterion to a line item. I am using the method that is documented at The example on that page shows that the total_count field will be present in the response. But in my test case, where I am only adding one targeting criterion, the total_count field is absent.

The URL for the PUT request looked like this:

And the response came back as follows, with no total_count or cursor fields present, as I would have expected based on the documentation.

 "request": {

Is this a documentation error, or an Ads API defect, or something else?


Hi @dodnert

I’ve checked my own request table where I’ve all request params and responses and I confirm that I haven’t got “total_count” param

Hopefully, some Twitter Ads Staff member will answer this and tell us if is a documentation mistake or an error.



Thanks for flagging this. Both total_count and next_cursor are not valid attributes for responses to the PUT accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria so we’ll fix that sample response.