Response to appeal



Recently, our app’s write permissions were restricted. After following the necessary procedure to follow up with Twitter about the restrictions, Twitter informed us that our app was restricted due to:

Aggressive/Automated Retweeting - retweeting in a bulk or automated manner is prohibited

We have reactivated your app, but this behavior must stop. We strongly suggest implementing internal rate limits on your service.

After responding to Twitter with a very lengthy email siting why in fact we were following the rules set within the policies and showed that some of the information either from Twitter or the policies are inconsistent, and the fact that we are in fact following the policies set forth by Twitter, Twitter then responded with:

“Thanks for the follow up. We can confirm that your app’s RT behavior must change, or it will be restricted again. There is no other work around.”

But if our app’s retweeting behavior falls within the scopes of Twitter policies, and Twitter responds with a generic response - how are we supposed to fix the app? It’s frustrating because we have clients who are waiting for our app to come back online. We have clearly shown that Twitter’s policies allow us to do the retweets in the manner we are doing them. We were hoping for further insight as to what Twitter thinks we could do to correct the issue, since what we understand and have built falls within the policies.

Is there anyway that someone could potentially take a look at the ticket or something and help us? Like I mentioned we have responded with a lengthy email to show that we are in fact within the guidelines of Twitter’s policies but apparently it seems those policies don’t exist and they are completely different.


The ticket has already been looked at and you’ve received the response. This is not a generic response, it is specific and clear that the RT behaviour is not in line with the rules. Unfortunately there’s nothing additional that we are able to support you with via these developer forums as the automation and developer policies cover these issues.

Thank you.