Response issue POST statuses/update


I’m having an issue while sending DMs over the REST 1.1 API. Though the DM will send and the recipient gets it correctly, the response i get from the API is not as expected. I’m recieving the JSON of my most recent public tweet back rather than the DM i just sent. I’m using the PHP TwitterAPIExchange plugin and my code is below. Has anyone else experienced this?

function sendDMTweet($settings,$tweetText,$twitterHandle)
     $url = '';
     $postfields = array(
     'status' => 'D '.$twitterHandle.' '.$tweetText, 

     $requestMethod = 'POST';
     $twitter = new TwitterAPIExchange($settings);
     $resultsFromTwitterAPI = $twitter->setPostfields($postfields)
                  ->buildOauth($url, $requestMethod)
         return $resultsFromTwitterAPI;


I’m guessing this is because you are sending a DM (using the ‘D [user] [message]’ syntax?) over the statuses/update endpoint.

If you were to use direct_messages/new instead then I would expect the response not to contain your most recent public Tweet.


I will give that a try instead, thanks for the hint. Will post if this resolves the issue.