Reset requests limit after upgrade



I had used up the allotted number of requests for Sandbox access to the Premium Search API, and then paid to upgrade my access to the next tier. However, this did not reset my requests counter, so my account is basically useless for this month that I am paying for. Needless to say, this is an incredibly shoddy result. I had expected the counter to reset in part because I swear I had found an old forum post that led me to think this was the policy, but I can no longer find that post. I have reached out the several times to no avail. Please advise, or tell me who I can talk to.


Hi @AuerbachJoel this is the right format for premium apis support.

These might be the previous threads:

What is your app ID and which product (30day or Full Archive)?


My app ID is 15295940 and I’m using Full Archive. I did find those threads, but neither had the comment I was thinking of. Basically my issue is that I’ve now paid for a month of access and only have a fraction of that access currently available (as I had previously gone above the allotted Sandbox amount, at 71 requests out of 50 – don’t ask me how that’s possible). Is it possible to reset the counter? This is for an academic research project.


@happycamper Just circling back on this. Would really appreciate a response. Thanks.


@happycamper Bumping again. I really need a response asap, because we have to make a decision immediately about whether to continue paying for this product (which, again, has been entirely unusable for us so far despite having paid for it). Is there someone I can contact directly about our account?




Hi @AuerbachJoel I do not personally have access to check your account as that would be personal data.

Breaking this down for clarity (I hope)

  • you were in the sandbox tier that offers 50 req / month, and 100 Tweets per request
  • you upgraded to the next paid monthly tier. 100 req / month, 500 Tweets per request [note - this is not aggregate on top of the previous 50; but it is a monthly reset for the 100 req]

Are you saying that you’re at 71 requests and that you’re wanting to reset to zero? I’m afraid that this is not how the system works; also note that the free->paid upgrade unlocks a 5x Tweet volume limit per request, as well as additional features. If you are inside a monthly allocation of requests, please wait until the start of the next billing period (which should be a month from initial subscription) for the counter to reset to 0 and provide another 100 calls.


@andypiper Thanks for your response. Your description is correct. The issue is that I’ve paid for a full month of access which I am not able to use, according to your explanation, until the start of the next billing cycle (29 requests is not going to cut it, even with the 5x Tweet volume). What a terrible product system! I would like to request either a reset or a refund for this month (note that we have not used it since paying for the upgrade). If it’s not you I should be talking to, please put me in touch with whoever has the appropriate access for my account. I’m truly at my wit’s end with this.


Hey @AuerbachJoel - Can you explain why you feel you cant use the full month of access? We actually prorate what we bill, to match your billing epriod, but give you full access to the tier of search requests you upgraded to. I dont quite understand the problem here.


Hi @KyleW, thanks for your response. By not having full access to what was paid for this month, I mean that I only have access to 29 requests when I would have expected 100, or at least the full additional 50 that is available on the upgraded tier. If you prorate, fine, but then I should have a number of requests proportional to what I paid for (I paid pretty close to the beginning of the month).


@KyleW @andypiper @happycamper Let me put it this way: Originally, when I had the free Sandbox access, this gave me access to 50 requests. Somehow, during that period I racked up 71 requests. Don’t ask me how that’s possible; that’s on you guys. I subsequently paid to upgrade to the next tier, but only received a fraction of what I paid for. Why am I being penalized because you all can’t properly shut off access according to your own accounting system?


Hey @AuerbachJoel first of all let me apologise for the confusion and frustration here. We hear you. We don’t want any developer to be frustrated and I am sorry that your account seems to be in this weird state. I’ll work with the team to address it and I personally apologise and appreciate your patience.

The sandbox offers 50 req/month and I don’t have clear understanding of how you reached 71, that’s clearly something we need to fix.

The first paid tier moves you to 100 req/month. That’s not additive, it’s inclusive. If that is not clear then that’s on us to clarify, and I appreciate your annoyance thinking you get an “extra” 100 beyond the first unpaid 50. We have product managers on this thread who are seeing everything you’re expressing frustration with.

We’re sorry but we do not have the ability to reset or grant you more access and you’ll need to wait until the end of the billing cycle.

Question: are you saying that the dev dashboard today shows you having consumed more that 100 requests for this month? If so that’s definitely something I need to poke engineers about.


Hi Andy,
I wanted to add my observation here as well.
I have also seen the count go over the plan limit sometimes, my theory is that if you go over your quota and issue request that eventually get rate limited, those are counted as well even though they failed.
The challenge is that if you upgrade, those will be discounted from your next upgrade.

Hope this helps.