Reset requests limit after upgrade



I had used up the allotted number of requests for Sandbox access to the Premium Search API, and then paid to upgrade my access to the next tier. However, this did not reset my requests counter, so my account is basically useless for this month that I am paying for. Needless to say, this is an incredibly shoddy result. I had expected the counter to reset in part because I swear I had found an old forum post that led me to think this was the policy, but I can no longer find that post. I have reached out the several times to no avail. Please advise, or tell me who I can talk to.


Hi @AuerbachJoel this is the right format for premium apis support.

These might be the previous threads:

What is your app ID and which product (30day or Full Archive)?


My app ID is 15295940 and I’m using Full Archive. I did find those threads, but neither had the comment I was thinking of. Basically my issue is that I’ve now paid for a month of access and only have a fraction of that access currently available (as I had previously gone above the allotted Sandbox amount, at 71 requests out of 50 – don’t ask me how that’s possible). Is it possible to reset the counter? This is for an academic research project.


@happycamper Just circling back on this. Would really appreciate a response. Thanks.