Requesting xAuth access




according to this page and this page, i need to fill out a form in order to obtain access to use xAuth. I filled out the form 3 weeks ago and still have not heard back a response so i thought id ask here (the automatic response email said that i would receive a reply in once business day).

Basically i want to be able to do the following:

  1. ability to retrieve a list of tweets mentioning “@some_user_id
  2. ability to retrieve a list of messages for the account “@some_user_id
  3. be able to post tweets for “@some_user_id
  4. be able to reply to tweets that mention “@some_user_id
  5. automatic login (no need for login screen)

Based on the list of methods specified to retrieve api keys, i figured that the best one to use was the xAuth method. How can i go about obtaining access?



It is very unlikely you will ever be granted xAuth, that should only be used in cases where it is absolutely impossible to use OAuth, and I guess that isn’t the case for your application.
Even with xAuth you still need to have a login screen, as you would have with OAuth.