Request to /oauth/authenticate still shows authorize page



I’ve created a web app, utilizing Twitter for login. It worked great during the last 4 year, but suddently, every request to starts to show the page asking the user to authorize the my application. I didn’t change anything in the config, and made sure that “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter” is checked in application settings.

I’ve ready multiple places on this forum, that /oauth/authenticate should only ask once, while /oauth/authorize asks each time. But I’m using the authenticate endpoint. I’ve also ready that people are experiencing that requests to /oauth/authenticate redirects (302) the user to /oauth/authorize. That doesn’t seem to be the case either, since the URL in the browser is in fact /oauth/authenticate.

Do anyone know if Twitter recently changed something?


Hi - Your report is identical to mine and yes it’s just started happening to me too. As you see regardless of using either authenticate or authorize you get the authorize page.

“They” must have changed something but looking around this place there doesn’t seem to be many answers flying around!



There was a change to the OAuth endpoints recently, discussed and tracked in this thread. Closing this in an effort to bring together all of the discussion in one thread. Thanks.

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