[Request] "source detail" info for filtering spam


I’m developing Twitter trend analysis system( https://twitter.com/lamrongol/lists/trend-analysis ) and spam filter, too.
To detect spam, source info is very useful because if a tweet is sent from unofficial or unpopular client, it has a high probability of spam.
And I want to know more detail of spam info, for example,

"source_detail" {
  "source_url": --source_url--,

If we can get these information, we can easily detect it is from official client or not and if one source is detected spam, we can guess other sources by the same developer are spam, too.

Could you add these information for REST API?


The first two are already available through the REST API in source attribute. You’ll just have to parse the anchor tag yourself.

"source": "<a href="http://twitter.com" rel="nofollow">Twitter Web Client</a>"


Yes, but I want app developer information.


There are no current plans to add this information into the Tweet object, but thank you for sharing the idea.