Request email addresses from users in Twitter4J



Hey there, i am trying to get the user’s email from twitter api by usingTwitter4J, did all possibilities like requesting, and domain whitelisting, verifying but still not able to get the users email.
for verifying user i am using verifyCredentials() method provided by Twitter 4J This method calls but to get user email i have to calls how can add that include_email=true parameter. any suggestions plz


It looks like this was added to Twitter4J via this pull request, and you can configure via the properties file.


By using that one i am able to fetch the owner(with credentials of Keys & secrets ) email id, but how could i fetch the others(Others account) email id. In that case we won’t get credentials of Keys & secrets with out those things can we get email id of others twitter account


No. You can only request the email address of the authenticated user.


hoo, ok thank you


i am not even getting authenticated user email id.