Request approval is grey out when twitter:card is app


I could not make request approval because it is always grey and can not work.
I made many trials and found that
it can be pushed and approved when content=“summary” but when content is “app” it does not work.
Does anyone know the solution?
thank you.


I am having the same problem, did you find a solution for this?


Can you provide an example URL that’s seeing this behavior?


Yes, sorry for the late reply, here is one:
It just does not work when set to “app” type (request approval remains grayed out)


Having the same issue. Says, not approved. and the ‘request approval’ button is greyed out.


same here


Excuse me, has there been any updates regarding this issue? I would really like to implement app cards for our site. thanks


I am having this same issue as well. It doesn’t seem like I am missing any of the required meta tags.


Yup, I too am having the same issue. All lights are green on the required tags but the button is still greyed out.


Same issue across a number of our sites trying to validate Product Cards – Validate any of the following to get the error: (same sku, diff site)


When this will be resolved ? I have same problem.