Request: Ability to launch TA campaign without location params


We have a list of IDs that we’ve extracted as a Tailored Audience, and we know their location to be in Canada from client data. However, when we launch the ad, we have to place a location; their profile data doesn’t indicate that they live in Canada and therefore the estimated reach is practically nil.

Is it possible for this campaign to run on the provided User IDs from the TA without having any requirement for location? Otherwise it seems that this audience is inaccessible to us for running Twitter Ads against.


Technically there is no requirement that location targeting be used in conjunction with TA targeting. For Twitter Ads there are 3 service levels for advertisers, starting with Small/Medium Businesses (SMB). For any SMB service level (credit card billing only), they are required to also target a location for their campaigns. For all other advertisers, no such restriction applies. From our support center:

Note: Small Business advertisers are limited to targeting users in
countries where the Twitter SMB Ads product is available. For a list of
countries available for targeting by Small Business customers, please
reference this article.

Today we don’t expose this service level via the API, but you can derive it by checking for the types of funding instruments available on the account. If there is only a CREDIT_CARD funding source, you can assume the account is a SMB-service level and requires location targeting.