Reposting a blog



Could I produce multiple SUMMARY cards for the same blog post? (my assumption is that I’d just change the description and title in the coding of the summary card if I chose to repost it in a week or a months time)

  1. Is this even allowed?

  2. Would I need to have the summary card approved each time I updated it?



If you have more than 1 Twitter cards meta tags sets, the last one will be considered by Twitter to be presented in the timelines.

You can change the values of the meta tags periodically, but be aware that Twitter caches the meta tags for some days before refreshing that info from your page.

No, as soon as your domain got approved for a card type, there’s no need to request approval again. You need to request approval for each type of card you adopt in a domain.


Cheers for the fast response.

So I could change the value of the meta tags, then wait for a few days until Twitter refreshes the alter metatags before I tweet it again to get the updated title and description alterations. <<< that’s right, right? :slight_smile:

Also, how do I make the twitter card appear in a tweet exactly? Is it really as simple as just posting a tweet with the website’s URL that I’ve added the twitter card coding to?


Yes, Twitter will use the meta information you set in your page to build and expand the card in the tweet. All you need to do is validate your card at, fill the form and wait the automatic approval (it’s quick).

By the way, after some tweets with cards you will be able to see your Cards analytics at


Yeh I’ve seen that on analytics already. Thanks for letting me know though. Also I appreciate the fast response again!

How long does it take for Twitter to update the meta tag caches once I’ve altered them exactly?


We store for a week. You can learn about refreshing techniques here: