Are there more details or a walk through of how to properly use the resports dashboard. I’m trying to see geo stats and fill rates per app and ad units.


Hello Shawn,

For reporting, you can set the categories you want to separate the reporting out by in the Columns. By default, the included metrics will be Attempts/Requests, Impressions, Clicks, Revenue, CTR, and Conversions.

To see Geo stats and fill rates per app and ad units, in one column, select Country, in a second, select App, and in the third select Ad Unit with Attempts/Requests and Impressions checked. Because fill rate is not included, you will have to calculate the fill rate by using the formula Impressions/Requests.

Please also see out documentation on Reporting Categories and Metrics Descriptions here:

If you need any clarification, please let me know.



Thanks Edward this really helps.