Reporting Cyber Bullying


Hello twitter administration, I was trying to find out how to file a report against a twitter user cyber bullying another user. I’m not sure exactly what can be done about this or if anything can be done at all, however I would just like to throw it out there that the user @KashaneFrancis_ has been cryber bullying a young innocent women named Macey. @KashaneFrancis_ has been spamming the hashtag #MaceyIsThirsty and in return many people have been getting involved in cyber bullying this young lady.

So not only is this cyber bullying which should never be tolerated, but it has grown to and unnecessary state in which this girl is left defenseless against the bully. @KashaneFrancis_ was also spamming the HashTag #MaceyIsThirsty which I’m sure is very disruptive to the users on twitter, including myself. I am speaking not only for poor Macey, but also the other concerned twitter members who can’t do much but watch, and stay out of the drama.

Thanks for reading this, in hopes some action will be made on the bully, @KashaneFrancis_


Hi everyone. I have been cyber-bullied too. By 3 people today. They are @LouisLuvr, Kiley Eileen @JLogano_Fan22, And Tabbie Dawn Allen @tabz_npiquet30. They all keep saying I’m lying and did nothing wrong to me and that I’m just jealous and telling me I need to get a life and keep cussing me out. They are a bunch of really mean and annoying and disrespectful people who are always dissing someone for fun. This has to stop! They all need reporting and banned from social media. Please help me.


I can show you the tweets if you need me too. Thank you for reading my comments.


This System is broken. ALSO BEING BULLIED and something needs to be done because @AmandaBynesSA is ABUSING MANY PEOPLE NOT JUST ME!!! DELETE THE ACCOUNT!!! they have no right to tell people to kill themselves… THIS IS A PROBLEM!!! I WOULD LIKE THIS ADDRESSED> i reported and blocked but still the harassment continues… DOES TWITTER NOT HAVE SOME WAY TO FIX THIS? PLEASE I JUST WANT THIS GONE.



Unfortunately we can’t help with account issues here. Your best bet is to contact @support at and file a ticket with their support forms.

Twitter Platform Operations


I Would Like To Report Stanford Devon Autry The 3rd , Also Known On Twitter As @IDunk2Much For Cyber Bullying. He Is Always Putting Uncalled For Things About Me When He Is Upset. He Is A Very Childish Individual But Claims He Is Mature And A “Man”. Men Aren’t Disrespect To Women Like The Way He Is Towards Me. He Is ALWAYS Calling Me Out Of My Name & Always Trying To Act Out For This Social Network. I Am So Tired Of Scrolling Down My TL And See Something About Me . It Is Quite Rude. That Is Why I Am Reporting @IDunk2Much For Cyber Bullying On Twitter.


my account is suspended and i didn’t receive any message with the reason . please i need help


I would like to report cyberbullying toward myself from an account called @awkwardwifi. She is spamming me with hate and promoting cyberbullying and hurtful things toward my account.


I would like to report @alongagrapevine for bullying multiple people about their personal life and information, it’s upsetting me and my friends and telling all the followers lied to make others seem bad. too one knows who the account is expect from the person who runs it and it’s getting out of hand now. they tweeted about someone trying to kill themselves and it’s a touchy subject especially for who it was written about! I have true multiple times to block this horrible account but it still won’t be removed and that’s why I’m writing a comment now! it’s so sad to think that people can say this horrible stuff and not feel a bad thing about it.


i would like to report @happykidzayn and @styleskid. they will not stop posting rude things about me on their accounts and it’s getting out of hand. some of the tweets they sent are:

i did not do anything to these people to make them write these things, nor do i know them, and i feel threatened. i tried blocking them and going on private but they wont stop. please do something about it. horrible people like this should not be allowed on twitter and twitter should not allow such violence on their site. thank you for your time.


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