Replying to Tweets Programmatically Works Differently with Regards to Push Notifications


Consider this scenario:

Handle tweets out “Part 1 of 3”

On logged in as that user I reply to that tweet using the reply button “Part 2 of 3”

Programmatically using the threading option called in_reply_to_status_id I tweet from the same account to the same tweet that says Part1 – “Part 3 of 3”.

For Part 1 and Part 3 you’ll get a push notification that this person tweeted. Part 2 of 3 receives no push notification.

I run some accounts where we encourage users to turn on push notifications for new tweets. To respect how they get “dinged” we usually reply to a certain tweet to update our feed.

We’ve started moving to a programmatic system and for some reason replying to a tweet through the API pushes a notification out. We’d love if it didn’t or at least was consistent.