Replying to tweets and rate limits



Hi There,

I’m building a new twitter app in which I’m looking for @mentions to my account with the hash tag #addpixel and a string formatted a certain way with pixel information. If all that is correct the user will essentially add a pixel to a white canvas that is 25 x 25. What I would like to do is reply back to the user with the image they just added a pixel to. My worry is that the volume can grow to more than 15 users every 15 minutes. Is there a way to still obey the rate limit issues and still provide this level of feedback to users participating with this social art project?


You could queue up tweets - posting them slowly over time - not immediately once accepted - would that work? Or is the point to show people their contribution immediately with an attached image?

Rate limits for tweets are a bit more liberal than 15 every 15 min as far as i know - it’s more like 1 or 2 thousand in a 24 hour window (broken down into smaller windows of some unknown limit)

Might be a good idea to add a phone to the account, start off tweeting manually maybe, get a few followers first, and then post automatically. Anti spam system seems to be strict on brand new accounts that immediately start posting lots of tweets from the API, without any other “non spammer-like” activity.