Replying to a tweet



How can I reply to a tweet through my application. Can I reply to a tweet if I have the tweet ID? am using “twit” : “2.2.5”


Yes, you’ll need to use the in_reply_to_status_id field when you call POST statuses/update, and the user’s @handle in the text field.


var params = {
status: '@cathy_ioc Hi, this is my reply. I am fine. Thank you!! ',
// use id_str as 'in_reply_to_status_id’
in_reply_to_status_id_str: ‘XXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’
};‘statuses/update’, params, function (err, data, response) {

Should the above code do the job? When I run the above code in node.js ,I see that there is a new tweet to @cathy_ioc handle whereas am looking for a way to reply to a particular tweet. Please help


Does the existing Tweet ID you’re replying to exist? Something like that should work but I’ve not tried it myself.


That Tweet ID exists and infact is something that is returned in the json when I execute the search API using the following code
T.get(‘search/tweets’, { q: ‘@cathy_oic’, count: 100, count: 100 }, function(err, data, response) {
the tweet id comes as id_str: ‘800613048289529856’,


When I try to retrieve that Tweet ID it does not exist. I’m also unable to find a user account with that handle.

The method you’re using to reply to a Tweet in general should work as you’ve written it above. You’d see the in_reply_to_status_id, in_reply_to_user_id and in_reply_to_screen_name fields populated inside the resulting reply Tweet.


Andy, Thx for testing the code.They had to disable my account as we we spoke.


Andy, this is the tweet id am trying to reply to… 800604166250897408


And this is the response I get when I try to post a reply to the tweet - whose Id I have just posted

{ created_at: ‘Mon Nov 21 16:23:51 +0000 2016’,
id: 800736491093659600,
id_str: ‘800736491093659648’,
text: ‘@cathy_oic Hi,reply 2’,
truncated: false,
{ hashtags: [],
symbols: [],
user_mentions: [ [Object] ],
urls: [] },
source: ‘CathyWatsonApplication’,
in_reply_to_status_id: null,
in_reply_to_status_id_str: null,
in_reply_to_user_id: 800604166250897400,
in_reply_to_user_id_str: ‘800604166250897408’,
in_reply_to_screen_name: ‘cathy_oic’,
{ id: 800681258485284900,
id_str: ‘800681258485284864’,
name: ‘PallaviNishtala’,
screen_name: ‘palnishtala’,
location: ‘’,
description: ‘’,
url: null,
entities: { description: [Object] },
protected: false,
followers_count: 0,
friends_count: 0,
listed_count: 0,
created_at: ‘Mon Nov 21 12:44:22 +0000 2016’,
favourites_count: 0,
utc_offset: -28800,
time_zone: ‘Pacific Time (US & Canada)’,
geo_enabled: false,
verified: false,
statuses_count: 3,
lang: ‘en’,
contributors_enabled: false,
is_translator: false,
is_translation_enabled: false,
profile_background_color: ‘F5F8FA’,
profile_background_image_url: null,
profile_background_image_url_https: null,
profile_background_tile: false,
profile_image_url: ‘’,
profile_image_url_https: ‘’,
profile_link_color: ‘1DA1F2’,
profile_sidebar_border_color: ‘C0DEED’,
profile_sidebar_fill_color: ‘DDEEF6’,
profile_text_color: ‘333333’,
profile_use_background_image: true,
has_extended_profile: false,
default_profile: true,
default_profile_image: true,
following: false,
follow_request_sent: false,
notifications: false,
translator_type: ‘none’ },
geo: null,
coordinates: null,
place: null,
contributors: null,
is_quote_status: false,
retweet_count: 0,
favorite_count: 0,
favorited: false,
retweeted: false,
lang: ‘tl’ }


what would be the right call to fetch tweets for a particular handle


Hi Andy, Its been three days since I am trying to reply to a tweet using Twit package of node.js. I have not been able to do this. I have included the code snippets above, and I could include them again. Can you please help here…


The tweet ids look wrong:

id: 800736491093659600,
id_str: '800736491093659648',

javascript (nodejs) has problems with 64 bit integers -

You may need to fix that first, it could be that it’s trying to reply to the wrong tweet id because of this limitation.


Thanks for the pointer. The above issue was indeed occurring in my code.
For the benefit of all my fellow nodejs developers, what finally worked is the value of id_str of the original tweet had to be converted into string and then assigned it to parameter in_reply_to_status_id.