Replying to a tweet (whose author has changed his twitter handle) is going as new tweet rather than reply



We are facing an issue wherein a user has tweeted something on twitter and later on changed his username to @XYZ to @ABC (let’s assume these two tweet handles for now). We are using the to reply to a tweet. We are setting the in_reply_to_status_id field to tweet id to which we are replying. But, the message which we are passing as reply tweet looks like “@XYZ this is a good tweet”. The fact to note here is that we are using the old twitter handle of the tweet’s author. In this case, the replied tweet is not going out as reply but rather it is going as a new tweet on behalf of the user who is replying to the parent tweet.

I just wanted to know if this is a bug with twitter API because even, after mentioning the tweet in in_reply_to_status_id field, it is going as a new tweet and not reply to tweet which was mentioned in in_reply_to_status_id field.

Please let me know if there is any workaround for this use case as well.